Sunday, December 13, 2015

Same-sex unions; 2004 essay

"Same-sex couples and marriage," Phil Beaver, Saturday, Baton Rouge, LA, April 3, 2004.
            The Advocate, by publishing Thomas Sowell's "Confused thinking backs gay marriage," March 15, defended the American society and republic and offered help for homosexuals.
            Because homosexuality terminates lineage, society shouldn't approve it. Nevertheless, same-sex couples should be accommodated, without compromising society's responsibility to encourage people to achieve their fullest potentials.
            Webster's unabridged dictionary (1994) defines marriage, "the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife." Also, "husband" means, "a married man, especially considered in relation to his wife," and "wife" means, "a woman joined in marriage to a man." Since same-sex couples aren't man and woman, backing "same-sex marriage" would make "rhetoric more important than reality" (Sowell).
            For same-sex couples, the claim "man and woman" shuns reality; "husband and wife" shuns reality; "spouse" shuns reality; "father and mother" shuns reality. Applying such terms to same-sex couples is as unreal as asserting they defy gravity--fly like birds or drift like balloons. More pertinently, it's like claiming same-sex couples beget children. Not certifying same-sex marriage is not secondary civil classification; it's reality recognition.
            Society should encourage people to experience life to its fullest. Begetting children, challenging as that responsibility is, should not be denied anyone with the desire and means. Someone who encourages a person to be homosexual diminishes their potential fulfillment.
            Sowell didn't cite religion, and I don't either but express a [civic] view of Genesis. Abraham, tempted to sacrifice his son, illustrates that the coming generation with fresh ideas and creativity encourages the reluctant, older generation to make needed, revolutionary changes they imagined--to progress.
            Abraham left his homeland, Ur, with family and servants to create a new life without human sacrifices after annual harvest. His father, Terah, supported the idea and also went but died on the way. Later, as the head of the tribe, suffering huge financial and human losses in Canaan, Abraham feared he must have been wrong and decided to sacrifice his son.
            Tied to an altar made of kindling and under the knife Abraham raised for the kill, the frantic son screamed, "Dad, this will not be a sacrifice; it will be murder! You are correct:  human sacrifice is wrong." Wisely, Abraham listened to his son.  A servant's son wouldn't have known the background and how to appeal to Abraham.
            Often, lessons from children enrich parents' lives. No one should be encouraged to accept a lifestyle that prevents such enrichment. Thus, I think a society that encourages people to be homosexual is wrong.
            Nevertheless, some people, for private reasons, want to form same-sex unions. I think society should not burden them and provide adequate same-sex laws without compromising marriage.


  1. It is not Loving or Merciful to condone engaging in any type of behavior, including any type of sexual behavior, that does not respect the inherent Dignity of the human person, who is, in essence, a beloved son or daughter. The sexual objectification of the human person is a violation of our inherent Right to Life, to Liberty, and to The Pursuit of Happiness, the purpose of which is what God intended.

    1. I appreciate your comment, and urge you to consider my proposal: the way out of our chaos is for each person to treat their private pursuits as personal and their civic connections as public. Citation of personal gods is not applicable when civic collaboration is adopted.

      Adults who love each other and decide to take care of each other have personal opinions that are equal to any other person's opinion. If they agree to bond, how they bond is not a civic issue: it's personal. A civic people separate their personal pursuits from their civic connections. Civic connections are those that happen because persons live at the same time in the same place. A civic people collaborate for personal liberty with domestic well-being such that each no-harm social association, such as religions, may flourish.

      Personal gods, being private, have no standing in civic collaboration, because the gods do not live in the same time and same place. My opinion is offered for collaboration.

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