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Family Fidelity 10/10/16

Presentation Text, special library-meeting. Key revisions on 10/9/16 are bracketed. Recently, 9/6/16, we expressed PLwCM as "private-integrity," and the reader is encouraged to mentally use that synonym. The original presentation-result was sent to Mary Stein, EBRP Libraries, and is in our files.

How Civic Morality Informs Family
Tuesday, April 19, 2016, Baton Rouge, LA
Jones Creek Branch Library, 6222 Jones Creek Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Conference Room 3, 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM
Sponsored by Citizens for A Civic People of the United States

A Civic People of the United States
Both a personally private people and a civically connected people
Connected by living the same moments in the same land
Connected by safety and security in life, liberty and assets
Connected by the literal preamble to the constitution for the USA
Connected by physics, meaning energy, mass and space-time (x,y,z,t)
Collaborating for physics-based ethics above opinion-based law
Private, no-real-harm religions and cultures flourish
Each person enjoys private liberty with civic morality (PLwCM)
A future way of living that is inviting to children and children to be born
We can make such possibility for a better future happen!

Meeting plan
In PowerPoint presentation, we first review past-meeting results.
As Chef Folse says, don’t fret details: it’s all on our website.
The speaker emphasizes some points, but mostly invites reading.
The review takes 15 minutes; the entire presentation 45 minutes.
Then, participants clarify and collaborate for two possibilities:
first, physics-based ethics respecting family, then
A Civic People of the United States.
Any concerns or suggestions?
Let’s get started

Presentation content
  1. Reviewing past two years’ collaboration by 40 people in 7 meetings
    1. Collaborative dialogue is necessary; hesitance invites civic loss
    2. The status: Collaboration for a better future seems quietly underway
      1. “Civic” expresses moral human connections for now and the future
      2. “Nature” referenced for USA independence;  nature emerged from physics
      3. Four point theory of a connected people: private privacy; civic collaboration; physics-based ethics for civic morality; and a personally cultivated preamble
  2. Physics-based ethics empowers authenticity in human conduct
    1. From dependent, newborn person; three-decade transition to authentic, full life
    2. A prepared couple invites a possible person into mutual fidelity: family & heritage
    3. Mutual personal-appreciation and bonding: a splendid human journey
    4. Possible consequences of sexual intimacy—some good, some bad
    5. Natural abortion: Physics limiting its own errors with mom as ultimate decider
    6. A civic people subjugate neither mom nor baby
    7. Civic morality and human fidelity protect the child, the most vulnerable person.
  3. A connected people collaborate for a future that is inviting to children
    1. Should civic opinion rather than physics coerce family personal responsibilities?
    2. Will Baton Rouge people establish private liberty with civic morality (PLwCM)?

Part I
Possibilities created by people in library meetings since April 21, 2014
How a connected people might create an achievable, desirable future
A speaker explicitly shares a concern and perhaps grounded proposal for the future and then becomes [the] attentive listener.
Listeners consider the speaker’s words and statements to clarify and comprehend, then respond, often with different perspectives.
The collaborators create together a useful idea. They explore any credible future and perhaps commit to work for reform.
Past participants have collaborated for the possibility for both serenity in private pursuits and civic morality for living. The tools for civic collaboration are connectedness, the [literal] preamble & physics-based ethics.
Today’s meeting continues local cultivation of “physics-based morality.”

Word usage that defines “a civic people”
  1. “Civic” refers to upholding privacy yet collaborating for moral human connections in shared moments and places—now and here [and us].
  2. Empowers real-no-harm, both in military regulations and in religious privacy
    1. A civic people cultivate and practice real-no-harm behavior
    2. Much of reality is not known, so real-no-harm personal-opinion flourishes
  3. “Private” denotes action by either a person or factional group: class, church, or corporate entity; un-civic factions do real harm
  4. “Public” consists of both a civic people and people who are harmful.
  5. “Civic-minded” means showing concern for the public good, too.
  6. “Civil” refers to citizens who are both law abiding and civic; work to reform real-wrong legal opinion. “Civil” as “polite” is opinionative.
  7. “Civilized” is opinionative unless the civic bedrock is physics [in other words, civic safety and security].
  8. “Social” implies association by preference, class or imposition.
  9. "Nature," essential in American literature, emerged from physics
  10. The Declaration of Independence cited the laws of nature and nature’s god to motivate military opposition to the king’s Trinity.
  11. Signers of the draft constitution avoided the nature-god duality and replaced British parliamentary-monarchy with a democratic-republic.
  12. But the first Congress instituted legislative prayer to Christian gods. American Bar Association cultivates Blackstone: English common law.
  13. Discoveries inform 2016 humans that nature came from physics:
  14. Physics emerged 13.8 billion years ago (bya), life on earth, 3.8 bya.
  15. Michael Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, 1958, holds religion a key to life. [But] his competing source was science, a mere study of physics.[In other words, his god vs physics.]
  16. Discoveries negate some god theories but not the god hypothesis. [God theories emerge from human efforts to anticipate inevitable discoveries of physics. Noble as their motives may be, humans are subject to error.]
All things emerge when?
1)      Physics (energy, mass & space-time) emerged 13.8 billion years ago (ya), just after the big bang (from what? Don’t know.)
a)      Since then, everything else emerges from physics
b)      Cosmos, inorganic chemistry and earth emerged from physics
2)      Biology and life on earth emerged 3.8 billion ya
a)      Placental mammals 65 million ya
b)      Homo species 3 million ya---awareness with diverse opinion
c)       Opinion’s progenies: appreciation, philosophy, religion, law
d)      Monotheism (one god) 4 thousand ya Karen Armstrong, A History of God, 1993
e)      Factional rather than “sectarian” Christianity 2 thousand ya
f)       The Magna Carta; English, opinion-based law 800 ya
g)       The preamble to the constitution for the USA 230 ya
3)      Discovered mitochondrial-DNA mom 30 ya:Everyone alive is kin*

Privately confronting the 1789 nature-god duality
1)      Physics, which emerged 13.8 billion years ago, doesn’t negate the god hypothesis. Perhaps physics emerged from a god.
2)      The homo species started god theories perhaps 100 thousand ya. But some god theories err; some lessen human appreciation.
3)      Opinion may seem liberating, until humankind discovers [a] related emergence from physics. Each person learns from personal experience. For example, sacrificing humans to gain a god’s civic favor doesn’t work in this world: Humankind constrains brutality.
4)      It seems doubtful a god caused biology--life on earth (3.8 bya)
5)      Civic morality, especially safety and security, are best served when people employ physics, discovered by humankind, yet understood by personal experience. Causing real harm is civically immoral.
6)      A civic people rely on physics more than opinion to collaborate for civil morality—law; they keep spiritual-morals a private concern.

A personal preamble one civic person offers for collaboration
(Adapted from “We the People of the United States . . .)
A civic people  routinely, voluntarily,
collaborate for connected morality in each and all of
continuity (for personal posterity: children, grandchildren)
integrity (both reliability and wholeness)
justice (take right action first and always)
fidelity (know human obligations)
defense (protect against aggressors)
prosperity (earn real living, including time for civic collaboration)
privacy (use private life to meet no-harm personal goals)
lawfulness (conform to law while working to reform injustice)
and cultivate the constitution for the USA.

Summary, indications from civic collaboration at EBRP Libraries
The law-of-the-land is unfortunately opinion-based (e.g., the supreme Court opines about opinionated law). Often, opinion changes.
The people cannot [, will not] accept opinion as the bedrock for civic morality.
Also opinion’s progeny, religious hope, cannot be the civic bedrock.
People may know these statements from 225 years’ [opinion-based] practice in the USA.
The people represented by the preamble want private security. Their ethical civic practice is to secure life, liberty and assets [while alive].
In private privacy, physics seems to be the bedrock for civic morality.

In the theory for civic morality, a private people publicly collaborate, using the preamble (for coordination) and physics (for mediation).
Presentation pause:  for any questions or comments to clarify rather than collaborate, which is planned after the discussion on family.

Part II
Civic Morality and Human Family
Connecting with the physics of a major civic issue [: fidelity]
We lament infidelity but moreover oppose subjugation of persons [especially the newborn, the most vulnerable person].
Especially in this section, we suggest the ought more than the is, or what usually could have been but too often is tragedy.

A tacit, private duty: from infant to connected adult in 3 decades
1)      A person emerges from mom’s womb dependent on physics [left alone, animals die]
a)      During gestation, this [potential] person and mom [may be] also psychologically attached
b)      Dad secures and connects with the family—mom, dad and child or children
c)       The newborn person discovers during perhaps 3 years how to crawl, walk, talk, awaken to self and surroundings; and begin to detach from mom
2)      The emerging child owes it to its person to overcome ignorance, irresponsibility, inarticulateness, and isolation; confront world confusion
a)      Appreciation and humility help illuminate this person’s unique, private duty
3)      The emerging adolescent may discover autonomy, civic connectivity, sexuality, civic diversity, collaboration, and basic comprehension.
4)      The young adult may emerge with grounded, human preferences for a long, collaborative life then pursue psychological maturity into old age.
We dub this awesome family [, moreover personal] possibility the Overstreet Transition. Book, H. A. Overstreet, The Mature Mind, 1949

It’s possible to connect as natural family
1)      A couple with mutual fidelity decides to care for a possible person
2)      Dad’s sperm fertilizes mom’s ovum. Gametes become a zygote
3)      The zygote cell-divides and implants into mom’s uterus
4)      Mom gestates the fetus and sympathizes with the unborn baby
5)      Mom and newborn nourish their mutual attachment at least until the child awakens to individual autonomy and authenticity
6)      Dad, mom, and child cultivate fidelity to mom-and-dad’s grandchildren and beyond. Thereby, children experience layered maturity: progeny learn from grandparents and extended family
7)      Personal psychological-maturity--may come through fidelity
a)      Perhaps the family-cycle cultivates progressive, evolutionary fidelity
b)      Appreciative persons might conduct discovery-leading innovations [such as civic life without sexual monogamy or with sexual promiscuity]

The woman periodically provides an ovum. Together, male and female gametes supply the genes that activate a unique potential-person.[1]

The desired standard is “Appreciation bonding” rather than “having sex”
  1. Human bonding is essential, and intimacy is a mutual privilege
    1. Sexual intimacy may be for appreciative bonding then procreation
      1. During > 30 fertile years, women typically produce ~400 viable ova
      2. Conception is periodically possible upon ovulation then fertilization
  2. Human procreation involves natural risks: >>> 66% chance of failure!
    1. Many candidate ova are not fertilized (a factual part of the physics)
    2. Implantation fails before day 8: the conception fact is probably unnoticed
    3. Physics stops its errors: natural abortions; 50% of reported conceptions
    4. Medical abortion—to save mom or terminate un-stopped physics errors**
      1. Mom’s death under medical care is rare [, yet a consideration]
    5. Abortion under vague motives, we dub “arbitrary” abortion
    6. Procreation also risks birth [followed by] infant death
    7. Risks birth with child neglect or abuse, sometimes death by age 24
  3. We lament abortion, whether natural (87% of reports) or arbitrary (13%)
Earliest natural abortion after conception:  [Uterus-implantation] failure

Possible consequences of sexual intimacy: the numbers
  1. Either mutually appreciative bonding or civic subjugation of one person
  2. Sexually transmitted disease—a civic, human harm
  3. Contraception avoids misery; a civic people do not force unwanted lives
    1. Prevention by 62% of women who are in childbearing years (61 million women)[2]
  1. USA conception results, millions/year (M)[3]
    1. 3.89 M live births (about 42.5 % of reported conceptions)
    2. 2.92 M physics errors nullified by natural abortion
    3. 0.67 M medical-care abortions; physics errors, rapes, incest, [too] young mom
    4. 0.97 M miscarriages [c, d, and e total 4.56 M natural abortions/yr]
    5. 0.000342 M deaths of the mom; higher rate with no medical care
    6.  0.70 M arbitrary abortions[4]
    7. 9.15 M conceptions from 300 M candidate ova (3 % conceptions)
  2. Abused children: 0.70 M[5]
  3. Deaths before age 24--before wisdom could have built:  80 thousand/yr

Lamentable natural abortions beget safety and security against errors of physics
       Only 50 % of implanted fetuses survive
       Common causes[6]
       Chromosome problems
       Abnormal physical development
       Abnormal placental development
       Rare causes of natural abortion
       Medications and other substances
       Infections; mom’s diseases or abnormal hormone levels
       Uterine problems
       Abnormal chromosomes in the parents
       Autoimmune disorders
       When mom thinks physics failed to correct its errors, her decision to terminate pregnancy is the ultimate natural abortion—the backup.

Ways to lessen the rate of natural abortions
    1. [Coach] human appreciation and education [to lessen irresponsible] conceptions
      1. Fidelity in human relationships with healthy living
        1. The woman appreciates her ova as potential persons
          1. Reliable relationships with men
        2. The man collaborates with the woman and her ova
          1. Essential to male personal-autonomy and authenticity
      2. Live the joy of appreciating persons rather than looking for sex
        1. Human bonds seem essential for natural, rewarding living
        2. Psychological bond—empathy--need not be sexually intimate
      3. Promote appreciation among families--personal posterity and evolution
      4. Emphasize fidelity--to physics, self, family, and civic persons
    2. Turn civic and legislative attention to children and children to be born
      1. Media influences on children reform [when] adults understand
      2. Stop subjugating women with legislation about their natural decisions
      3. Stop exploiting the people regarding natural events—physics

Civically addressing arbitrary abortions: the child’s [life] marches on
       A civic people would not force a child into an unwanted life
       Appreciation-education lessens the rate of arbitrary abortions
       Immoral for a baby to suffer uninformed surrogate attachment
       Promote adoption with awareness of the Overstreet Transition or better
       Forcing mom to gestate and deliver may deny corrections by physics[7]
       Reversing natural abortions after conception but before implantation seems impractical. Preventing any natural abortion seems daunting and risky
       Force after implantation must provide fetal viability and care for mom
       Medical-method warranty for the fetus’s future and the mom’s future
       Local medical quality regarding the fetus’s future and the mom’s future
       Caretakers available for both mom and fetus or baby--on demand
       Qualified adoptive parents on demand:  The baby’s life does not wait.
       To coerce mom to gestate and deliver may sometimes be barbaric for baby
       Some people would impose “life” and neglect the duties physics demands

When [parents or] caretakers appreciate the newborn person
       They are dedicated to the newborn’s Overstreet transition
       Lead by example rather than exhortation, arrogance, or coercion
       Provide safety and security both physically and psychologically
       Secure humble confidence despite a confused, conflicted world
       Collaborate with both family and a civic people
       Provide open-minded pursuit of comprehension and understanding
       Experiences with both gay partners and straight couples
       Assure healthy relationships with grandparents and other seniors
       Consequently, the newborn grows in
       Appreciation and fidelity to physics, self, family, and others
       Self-discipline and collaboration rather than obedience
       Understanding and humility to be thoughtful [and considerate] during a full lifetime
       Discovery of his or her unique preferences and choices
       The possibility for a life that ends happily

Summary: Birth is an extension of natural family appreciation
       A human infant emerges totally dependent and may grow maturity
       May elect personal autonomy, perhaps age 10, and work for authenticity
       Embrace collaborative [association], perhaps age 16
       The body completes wisdom parts of the brain; age 25 male, 23 female
       Some persons might be prepared for parenting by age 30
       Some persons comprehend adulthood and cultivate personal growth
       A few persons approach psychological maturity, perhaps near age 65
       Beneficial commitments in life might include: physics, self, family, social associations, civic collaboration, and mutual appreciation
       The stages of most natural lifetimes are served by civic fidelity
       Appreciation and fidelity fulfill private[8] liberty with civic morality (PLwCM)
       Political morality appreciates a civic people within the totality: We the People of the United States
       Yet a civic people insufficiently surrogate when parents default
       Innovators ought to fulfill responsibilities to physics, self and other people

Quality of life is highly charged; can be emotional--passionate.
The people spend civic capital (money and legislative debate) erroneously trying to subjugate families respecting their inalienable responsibilities. The wrong-minded tradition, imposing opinion-based ethics to refute physics, is ruining family appreciation.
Should family-legislation proposals be redirected from arrogant opinion, perhaps to focus on humbly appreciating children, children to be conceived and families?

Part III
Collaborating for an achievable, desirable future
The speaker shared ideas for civic cultivation and now turns listener.
Listeners clarify together what’s been said and express new perspectives
Participants explore the possible future their dialogue created.
For civic morality for living: Is physics-based ethics useful for collaboration regarding family-appreciation?
What do the participants here think should be done?
Is physics-based ethics better understood with this example?

Do participants want to collaborate to establish civic morality using the preamble and physics-based ethics, or better practice, in Baton Rouge?

Further Collaboration
Sign email-list for copy of the presentation, updated to this meeting.
Also, consider a monthly-meeting, marking day, place, and week; collaborate to effect A Civic People of Baton Rouge.
Challenge for the next meeting: with such a wonderful world, so well-represented by the people in America, why are citizens so alienated? And what’s best: opinion-based response or physics-based answer?

All pages are copyrighted April 20, 2016 by Phillip R. Beaver to protect his right to write these collaborative ideas again. Ideas may be shared on permission. The essential theory is: A civic people can live real-no-harm private lives, candidly using the preamble to the constitution for the USA and physics-based ethics; each member collaborates to achieve personal liberty with civic well-being—PLwCWB. The theory, lived with my wife, Cynthia, and our daughters, and discussed continually with Kishon Seth and other friends, advanced first with Hugh Finklea and Holly Beaver, on Ratification Day, 6/21/14; 9/17 with Dennis Eilers, Joyce Murray, and Mona Sevilla. Mint Marionneaux 10/26; Kelley Young 12/11. Brij Mohan, Prem Mohan, Gordon, Satish Verma, and Shawn Hanscom 12/15/14; Daniel Liebeskind 3/7/15; Dona Bean 3/18; BR Freethinkers Katherine Shurik, Chad Harelson, Doug Johnson, Mark Logan, Richard Martin, Ron Sammonds, Tom Hannie, Elizabeth Johnson and Roger Alexander, 4/8; Austin Guidry 4/19; Rich 5/13; Alex Townsend 6/20; Rebekah Beaver 7/20. Jay Vicknair 7/29. Jacob Irving 8/6, Anna Fogle 9/14, Erick Martin 9/14/2015. Bob Souvestre 2/2/16. Shahed Khan 2/29. David Earle 4/19. The revised text from each library discussion was transmitted to participants and Mary Stein, EBRP Library Director. Contributors are gratefully acknowledged.
Citizens for A Civic People of the United States

Addendum:  Summary
       300 million/yr (M) ova available to be fertilized
       ? M un-implanted, unreported conceptions
       9.1 M reported conceptions
       4.4 M natural abortions and miscarriages
       0.7 M arbitrary abortions
       3.9 M live births--1.3% ova survival
       Bad results among the 9.15 million reported conceptions
       7.7 % child-abused
       0.9 % die before age 24
       49.9% naturally caused terminations
       7.7 % arbitrary abortions (13% of reported abortions, 0.24% of physics-wasted ova)
66 % lamentable outcomes of reported conceptions

** Compare cancer, a physics-error no one would preserve. When cancer has ruined a person's life and termination is inevitable, few would demand that the person be kept alive for more suffering.

[1], # 35381301
[2]; about 800 million potential ova per year, 500 million constrained
[8] Subsequently, we changed to “real-no-harm private liberty with civic morality,” which we feel expresses better than “personal liberty with civic morality.”