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6/21/2017 Presentation Text

4th Annual Personal Independence Day Celebration
Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Baton Rouge, LA
Main Library, 7711 Goodwood Blvd, Conference Room B, 7:00 PM
Sponsored by Citizens for A Civic People of the United States
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Introduction of ideas for discussion.
A Civic People
A civic people collaborate for comprehensive safety and security more than for a community’s ideals.
There will always be dissidents to safety and security.
What is or is not the “common good”?
  1. Government would favor the few in control
  2. Some believe the good is defined by religion or God
a)    However, each individual defines his or her God/none
b)    No one compromises their God/none, even in church
c)    Thus, religion or God cannot serve the common good
  1. Most people want comprehensive safety and security:
a)    Civic justice, where “civic” refers to people more than city
b)    Safety and security to empower private living rather than to compete for dominant public opinion
  1. The people provide civic justice using the-objective-truth
Live the leading edge rather than the past
  1. The-objective-truth exists: Humankind works to discover it.
  2. 7,000,000,000,000 man-years experience and observations
a)    The-discovered-truth exceeds any one person’s capacity
  1. People may collaborate to use the-objective-truth
a)    Contemplate the facts rather than erroneous opinion
b)    Never lie, so people can communicate (Albert Einstein)
  1. The agreement stated in the preamble to the constitution for the USA empowers collaboration for the-objective-truth
  2. Overall, a way for adults to live their 90 years on the leading edge as well as for their children, grandchildren and beyond.
America began: Americans may be great
  1. 1765 the stamp act signaled enslavement by England
  2. 1774: loyal colonists changed to statesmen; some dissented
a)    1776: declaration of independence by 13 states
b)    1781: France led the victory at Yorktown, Virginia
c)    1784: the 13 states ratified the 1783 Treaty of Paris
  1. During 3 years the need for a nation became plain to people
a)    1787: draft constitution. The preamble offers the world’s first government of, by, and for the people (A. Lincoln).
b)    1788: 9 states ratified the constitution: the USA began
  1. 2017: we may promote personal independence on June 21.

Collaborate for comprehensive safety and security
Comprehensive safety and security
Discussion starters:
  1. The preamble is a civic contract for willing persons.
  2. The colonists discovered:
a)    Freedom-from the tyranny suffered in homelands
b)    Opportunity for liberty-to pursue personal preferences
  1. Some descendants discovered:
a)    Ability to achieve personal goals
b)    Collaboration for civic justice
c)    Perseverance
d)    Possibility to perfect their unique person (RWE, 1838)

All pages are copyrighted June 22, 2017 by Phillip R. Beaver to protect his right to express these collaborative ideas again. Ideas may be shared on permission. The essential theory is: A civic people can live private lives, candidly using both the preamble to the constitution for the USA and the-objective-truth; each member collaborates to achieve comprehensive safety and security. The theory, lived with my wife, Cynthia and family, and discussed continually with Kishon Seth, Henry Soniat, Hector and Mari Presedo, Gordon Totty; advanced first with Hugh Finklea and Holly Beaver with the National Anthem sung by Rebekah Beaver on Ratification Day, 6/21/14; 9/17 with Dennis Eilers, Joyce Murray, and Mona Sevilla. Mint Marionneaux 10/26; Kelley Young 12/11. Brij Mohan, Prem Mohan, Gordon, Satish Verma, and Shawn Hanscom 12/15/14; Diana Dorroh 1/29; Jeremiah Wright 2/19; Daniel Liebeskind 3/7; Dona Bean 3/18; BR Freethinkers Katherine Shurik, Chad Harelson, Doug Johnson, Mark Logan, Richard Martin, Ron Sammonds, Tom Hannie, Elizabeth Johnson and Roger Alexander, 4/8; Austin Guidry 4/19; Rich 5/13; Alex Townsend 6/20; Rebekah Beaver 7/20; Jay Vicknair 7/29; Jacob Irving 8/6; Anna Fogle 9/14; Erick Martin 9/14/2015. Bob Souvestre 2/2/16; Shahed Khan 2/29; David Earle 4/19; Kate Gladstone 5/17; John Earle 5/18; Joyce Goldner 6/21/16; Lorraine Davidson 6/21/17. The revised text for each library discussion was sent to participants and Mary Stein, EBRPL Director. Contributors are gratefully acknowledged.

Citizens for A Civic People of the United States, Baton Rouge, LA