Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Civic People’s Creed

I commit to and trust in a people who use physics-based ethics to determine civic morality and cultivate the preamble to the constitution for the USA to negotiate both no-harm personal liberty and domestic goodwill. The USA is a people’s republic; a sovereign nation of many sovereign states and territories supervised of by and for a civic people; one in integrity; established upon those principles of collaborative autonomy and mutual accommodation for which American patriots sacrifice their lives and fortunes.   

I appreciate civic inhabitants and the no-harm personal liberty each perceives as each phase of their life unfolds; refine the constitution to serve the people; obey the laws; respect the flag, and defend the people against foreign and domestic enemies.
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Note: This statement is meant to mimic a prize-winning creed of 1917, by William Tyler Page. See . Also, see "Archives" in this blog.