Tuesday, September 16, 2014

8: Civic morality: Maintain the Representative-Republican Government


            Upon studying the articles and amendments to the US Constitution, an adult citizen realizes that among the preamble’s nine stated or implied goals is the intent to maintain the civil order, or the rule of law. After specifying the governance and the institutions that empower it, a people provided for amendment of the articles and amendments of the Constitution. Amendment is needed whenever injustice is discovered, confirmed, remedies considered, and a best remedy identified.

            Involved is not only the law but the institutions that maintain the law. Because the people have, for twelve generations, used governance under theism to suppress governance under a people, the very foundation of America is under attack by its government. The federal government is out of control, and only a people can reform it. A people has that right through amendment, but also, by simply cooperating with each other to govern each self, the States, and the United States. Thus, while the injustice of governance under theism is being discovered and debated, a people continue to uphold the law while they direct their political representatives to solve problems.
            There is no cooperation, and the people are indolent about it--divided into factions. The federal administration states that the legislative branch is dysfunctional and therefore the President will do what he wants to solve problems, according to his administration. But after such boasting, he always runs into the problem of funding. The Congress says it is dysfunctional because the other party will not compromise: Republicans won't do what the Democrats want. The courts freely weave their web of opinions, disregarding the ethics of physics, taking advantage of a Congress which thinks legislative theism will survive forever. Machiavelli wrote that the people in a theism don’t care how they are governed. But the theism that dominated America is in decline: a people may emerge. Use of the preamble and the ethics of physics could bring integrity to a factious people and empower them to govern the government: give it major direction and require it to get the job done. This point is influenced by Kirby Goidel in his book, America's Failing Experiment, 2014. Goidel seems to suggest that religious issues squash even economic viability (page 88).

            Governance under theism is insidious, even though it has been used forever. Here's an example of ruin of decisions under theism: In the recent majority opinion US v. Windsor, there was not one word about the fact that the only way gay partners can procreate is by finding a woman who will become pregnant by one of them or a strange man, gestate the embryo and attach with him/her, deliver the infant, detach, and turn it over to a man for attachment surrogacy. The infant detached from its mother’s breast must now attach with its attachment surrogate, a man, or perhaps both men in the partnership. It's no better if the birthing mother carrys the baby from the ovum of another woman, the attachment that occurred during gestation and delivery must be severed. And the surrogate the child must attach to is not a woman!  Same-sex lawyers deceptively label the procedure “genetic surrogacy,” when in reality the man who impregnated the child’s mother or his partner would become a surrogate mother for life. The gay partners probably know nothing about attachment disorder, but children care about it. I hope that their scheme remains against public policy in Louisiana. I hope the rest of America follows Louisiana’s lead in this regard.

            But the real culprit in the US v. Windsor mess is the Congress, for citing Judeo-Christian tradition as a justification for marriage. The ethics of physics is the basis of marriage: a heritage of monogamous procreation is the route to life that preserves the dignity and equality of each child. Same-sex monogamy should be recognized with a same-sex monogamy license that does not authorize procreation.
Same-sex accommodation is a tip of an iceberg of problems twelve generations of Americans have brought on their posterity by indolence regarding civic governance of each self, State, and Union of states. My hope is to see 70% of citizens using the preamble and the ethics of physics by September 17, 2017. Maintenance of civil order that fulfills a people is the eighth goal of the preamble to the United States Constitution.
The United States Constitution would fulfill a people, not merely a nation.

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